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    End To End
    Entomological Services
    we take research projects to
    explore solutions for complex
    environment / disposal problems
    using insects.
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    WELCOME TO Mitrakida
    Entomological Tree Risk
    Insect attack / stem borer
    attack is major concern for
    abrupt tree or branch fall which
    makes it hazardous.
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    WELCOME TO Mitrakida
    Innovative Biocontrol
    bird air strike hazard
    unique way to address the bird
    hazard at the airbase / airports
    using beneficial insects.
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    WELCOME TO Mitrakida
    Farm Pest
    Our agriculture practices are
    more pesticide dependent where
    the food produce is rich
    with residue.
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Mitrakida® Biosolutions Private Limited

Since 2016, we are specialized as Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Infection Control Products / Infection Management Services against Soil Termite ( Valvi / Dimaka ), Soil White Grub ( Humani ), Housefly / House Flies Maggot / Pupa, Fruit Fly / Flies Pupa, Mealy Bugs ( White Mava / Mawa ), Stem Borer ( Khodkida ), Soil Termite ( Valvi / Dimaka ) Control Through Capsules, Caterpillars / Leaf Miner Control Through Trichogramma chilonis, Aphid / Sucking Pest Control Through Green Lacewing Larvae, Aphid / Sucking Pest Control Through Green Lacewing Eggs.

Mitrakida® is keen in developing beneficial insects and information that will increase effective and least-toxic integrated better pest management in various agricultural, horticultural and urban / terrace gardening. Mitrakida® activities include beneficial insect production, research and development programs, marketing and shipment essential to provide good quality beneficial insects for key pests to our customers.

We develop educational materials to provide our customers and young enthusiast relevant information to ensure perfect use of appropriate beneficial insects. Uniqueness of Mitrakida® helps grower to plan interventions for effective crop protection and get maximal benefits out of produce

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End To End Entomological Services
  • Beneficial insects
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Early warning system in farms
  • Ecological stabilization
  • Environment impact assessments
  • Ecological Restorations
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Pest Management trainings
Key Highlights
  • Ecological Restorations
  • 90% Repeated Customer Business


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  • testimonal

    We stopped fogging back in April. It has been an unbelievable turnaround so far. Almost so good that we are afraid to say it out loud!  For the first time in 7 years, we are using our backyard with freedom. Leaving doors open now and then.  We in this team attribute it to stopping the fogging and introducing the few beneficial insects we did.Now a few more people are interested. What do you recommend we tell them to introduce? Anything they can order from you directly?Now a few more people are interested.

    Nitya Ramakrishnan, Whitefield rising,
    Bangalore Palm Meadows

    3rd Jan 2018
  • testimonal

    We sting and eat and devour quitoes But shy and deterred by spray and cide Of late found home in Palm Meadows Many Thanks for letting us co-reside. Beneficial Insects

    Vivek Menon
    Plam Meadows
    3rd Jan 2018
  • testimonal

    "My plants were in danger due to Naagaali attack on the healthy leaves in my garden. I bought Tricocard & EPN from Mitrakida® Lab. Mrs. Ashwini Marathe informed everything well about the products. And the actual experience was awsome since harmful pests are completely in control. Thanks to M ITRAKIDA"

    Tejashri Deulkar

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