Beneficial Insects

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Our mission is to give cost effective quality services to our farm growers and diversified clients and to provide need based beneficial technologies for agriculture market and align our capabilities with clients.


Green lacewing Adult

Adults do not feed on insects they feed on nectar and pollen, it helps in pollination. Larval stage is voracious feeder and feeds on aphids, thrips, etc (soft bodied insects). The larvae continue to feed for a weeks' time and the adults reproduce in the area. dose per acre depends on the infection level. But standard dose is 12000 eggs per acre.

Trichogramma Chilonis (Tricocard)

Trichogramma chilonis is a small size parasitoid wasp that infects the eggs of over 200 species of lepidopterans. This wasp lays its eggs inside the eggs of other lepidopteran preventing the lepidopteron egg from hatching into caterpillar / larvae. The order needs to be placed 15 days prior release. Effective against Bollworm, leaf miner, internode stem borer, etc. 6 cards per acre is the standard dose. But release rate will depend on the infection level.

Entomopathogenic Nematode

Entomopathogenic nematodes are soil inhabiting lethal insect parasitoids. They infect many different types of soil insects, including the larval forms of butterflies, moths, beetles and flies as well as adult crickets and grass hoppers. The infective juvenile infects new hosts. This cause mortality in 24-48 hrs.A broad host ranges. No negative effect on environment. No deleterious effects to human other vertebrates' animals non-target organisms and plants.


Biological Pest Control


Farm Pest Management


Agricultural Research, Development & Consulting

  • Method of controlling pests using other living organisims.
  • High quality & quantity organic yield
  • Improve & sustain soil quality using organic pest control products
  • Sustain biodiversity for future generations
  • Chemical free & safe family life
  • Useful for farms, home/terrace or backyard gardens

" My plants were in danger due to Naagaali attack on the healthy leaves in my garden. I bought Tricocard & EPN from MITRAKIDA Lab. Mrs. Ashwini Marathe informed everything well about the products. And the actual experience was awsome since harmful pests are completely in control.
Thanks to MITRAKIDA "

Tejashri Deulkar


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